1. Sweet powders from my kitchen.

  2. Not sure what this looks like. 

    It is a gold particle under some electron beam resist on a silicon wafer.

  3. Nylon Stockings under the SEM.

  4. 3 micron lapping film (8000 grit sandpaper) under the SEM.  The “swarf” from honing a razor blade is clearly visible as sub-micron shavings of steel.

  5. small, but happy.

    World’s smallest solid gold happy face.

  6. A staple through paper.

  7. Wood in the SEM.  Toona Mahogany (Toona Ciliata)

  8. A set of images of a manganese oxide corrosion film at progressively lower voltage.  One example of why I use low voltage (1kV) most of the time. 

  9. Copper traces on a circuit board, plated with lead-tin solder.  In the backscattered electron contrast, the bright flower-like patterns are lead.

  10. Fusion razor blade; with teflon coating; FIB cross-sectioned.