1. A staple through paper.

  2. Wood in the SEM.  Toona Mahogany (Toona Ciliata)

  3. A set of images of a manganese oxide corrosion film at progressively lower voltage.  One example of why I use low voltage (1kV) most of the time. 

  4. Copper traces on a circuit board, plated with lead-tin solder.  In the backscattered electron contrast, the bright flower-like patterns are lead.

  5. Fusion razor blade; with teflon coating; FIB cross-sectioned.

  6. A TEM sample prepared by lift-out and FIB.  The 1 micron-sized particle of interest was located on the filter paper, coated with osmium and platinum, lifted out with the nanomanipulator and then thinned for TEM analysis.

  7. Corrosion.

  8. The surface of a Coticule stone, the amazing natural Belgian hone and some slurry from a Coticule, containing garnets along with bits of mica and the occasional particle of silica.

  9. World’s smallest snowman.

  10. Like little Christmas trees…